Welcome and Mission


The mission of Pitchlynn Law, PLLC, is to provide competent and effective, legal services to clients in an ethical, confidential and efficient manner, while being readily accessible to clients. It is the intention of the firm to honor the values of honesty, diligence, loyalty and respect in all dealings with clients and employees.

Pitchlynn Law, PLLC has provided quality legal representation and advice to a wide range of business, tribal and individual clients from across the country since 1978. Many of our clients have relied on our advice and assistance in the formation of their business and for the planning, development and growth of their business. When conflicts arise, our clients rely on our services to evaluate the conflict and to negotiate their resolution. When settlement cannot be achieved through negotiation, we often provide the litigation representation needed to resolve those conflicts whether in tribal, state or federal courts, or in an administrative forum.

We have represented clients in the United States District Courts, the United States Circuit Courts of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court, as well as the civil, criminal and appellate courts of the state of Oklahoma. We also are admitted to practice and have appeared before many tribal courts and tribal administrative forums, both in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

Our primary focus is on serving individual clients, small to moderate sized business corporations, tribal governments and tribal gaming operations and regulatory bodies. Our offices are located in Norman, Oklahoma where we are strategically located to provide legal services to clients both in the state of Oklahoma and elsewhere.

Gary S. Pitchlynn

124 East Main Street

Norman, OK 73069